ranger 4x4

Ranger 4x4 or Similar

  • Class: 4x4 w. Towbar
  • : 25 Urban MPG
  • 32 avg. MPG
  • x 5
  • x 4
  • Yes
  • Manual

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Ford Ranger Truck Hire Details

Powered by a 2.5-litre TDCi diesel engine delivering 140bhp, this flagship double-cab Ford Ranger model offers all the versatility of a van, yet with the comfort and refinement of a family car. Comfortable as a car and working like a truck, the Ford Ranger is a useful, yet comfortable pickup truck for hire.

Ranger Design

The Ford Ranger’s tough design ensures the fact that the Ford has been built for business. The tall ride height, combined with the chunky tires leave it looking as serious as any mainstream pickup truck.

Ranger Comfort

Inside the cabin, Ford has spent a considerable amount of time and money improving the model’s family appeal. The interior notionally seats four. The cockpit is quite comfortable, and the Ford Ranger is surprisingly nice to drive.

Ranger Performance

The engine, as is the case with all Rangers, is a 107bhp 2.5-litre turbo diesel, ensuring decent performance. With a capacity of 1180kg, the load box is usefully big. Towing capacity is 2800kg, and with the sturdy low-down performance, the Ford Ranger is ideal for hauling furniture with vehicle in tow across East Anglia.

Ford Ranger Hire

For work or for play, the Ford Ranger is the ideal truck for hire. Hire the Ford Ranger now.