Collision Damage Waiver

(29 November 2011) When you hire a vehicle at Econorent you’ll be pleased at our reasonable prices and great service, key factors that bring our customers back to us time after time. When you rent a car from us or take us up on an exceptionally cheap van hire, you’ll have the option to take out Collision Damage Waiver, commonly described as CDW. This option is entirely up to you but is something that we recommend, both for your peace of mind and also to protect your wallet.

When you rent a car or van you will of course be insured to drive it, but there will also be an excess on the policy. This is exactly the same as you’ll find on any insurance policy, whether its for a car or travel insurance. Basically if you have an accident whilst you have the car there will be a set amount that you have to pay with the rest being covered by the insurance policy. The excess is £500 for all of the different vehicles you can hire from Econorent. This is good for you in one way, as you’ll know what the maximum amount is that you’ll have to pay in case of any mishaps. However this could still mean you being £500 out of pocket, even if you only have a minor scrape.

One way to avoid this is by taking out Collision Damage Waiver. This is essentially an extra insurance, which means that you pay a small additional charge but in case of any accident you will have no excess to pay. The way most people look at it is that by paying a small premium you avoid having to pay out a larger sum in the unfortunate event you have an accident. It will cost you £5 per day if you hire a car from Econorent and £6 per day if you have hired a van. This will then bring the excess down to an extremely reasonable £50, whatever type of vehicle you have hired. Drivers have to be over 25 years old in order to take out Collision Damage Waiver. As we say, this is an option and not a requirement, but it is something we personally recommend and clearly, you can see the value of protecting yourself by taking out the CDW. Whether hiring a car for light travel or needing a van hire in Harleston Norfolk, CDW is one of the best ways to protect yourself. If you have any questions about this our staff will be more than happy to help you.

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